For Patients

All medical consultations require a valid medical referral.

A medical referral is required for home based and hospital diagnostic sleep studies.

Please bring with you a list of your medications, any relevant x-rays/
CT scans, blood pathology tests, past breathing tests or sleep studies. Please contact our friendly staff who will provide any further information that you require including the cost of fees charged.

For Doctors

Patients may be referred to Southern Sydney Respiratory and Sleep Specialists via fax or email.

Dear Doctor
Thank you for considering our service.

First Visit Guide

Please try to arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment, as you will be required to complete some forms prior to seeing the doctor.  You will receive a text message four days ahead of your appointment with a reminder of the date and time.

Please bring with you:
  • A referral from  your GP or Specialist.

  • Your medicare, DVA or Aged Pension Card.

  • Any pathology, X-Rays, MRI, CT scans, medical reports or any other relevant information.

To cancel an appointment
  • Telephone the office during business hours and  give at least 24 hours notice so that we can offer your appointment time to patients on our waiting list.

  • Cancellation fees apply. Speak to our staff today for more information

For urgent referrals please call our staff on (02) 9531 4222